Frankston Logistics Inc / Our Services

 Hassle-free service delivery

 Good communication with personalized support for each client

 Continuous feedback on delivery progress through the latest technology and mobile communication

 Motivation of our drivers through continuous contact and personalized involvement through incentives, with the company ensuring that its policy on clean vehicles and drivers in smart uniform are adhered to at all times

 Instant verbal proof of delivery, with either faxed or emailed hard copies available

 Specialists in delicate and time sensitive projects e.g. Medical, Banking, Tenders and Legal Contracts

Frankston Logistics Inc our valuable customer with freight forwarding service for Both Export & Import shipment. We provide high quality solutions for our valued customers through personalized craftsmanship and all our staff are highly dedicated to serve you. Transporting air freight cargo is more than moving cargo from Customs clearance, security, license requirements and regulations are just some of the necessary and time-consuming steps that need to be completed to avoid untimely delays, potential fines or penalties. Our flights are always direct from point to point, dramatically reducing delivery times. Based on years of experience we have vast expertise in offering reliable Western Flight Logistics . Following a systematic framework, all the procedures are carefully conducted right from storage to the delivery of the cargo.
Frankston Logistics Inc  are activity is to distribute packed goods in Full Truck Loads by road solutions. Transportation solutions do more than move freight at the lowest cost. Rendering to the needs of clients, we are engaged in offering reliable surface services with seamless connectivity through a dedicated fleet of trucks. The technology can improve slotting and picking patterns, and increase communication between transportation management and warehouse management systems, which improves efficiency and cuts costs. We have a large fleet of containerized trucks for handling perishable & sensitive goods.

Frankston Logistics Inc are offers low cost, environmentally friendly transport of goods by rail. Along the way our customers are supported by experts who are conversant with every aspect of transportation. We hold huge expertise in safely transporting the consignments from one location to another via rail transportation.
Our services are highly customized to meet the specific requirements of clients. We are able to arrange rail movements that are tailored to your needs and are always available from the moment that your goods are loaded in the station right through until final delivery.

Frankston Logistics Inc is one of the key factors for strong global supply chain management. Transportation via sea is generally the most cost effective mode of transportation. The concept runs through everything we do, from finding the best schedule for shipments to selecting the best way of organizing. As one of the leading Ocean Freight Forwarders, we offer efficient sea freight solutions customized to your needs.
The concept runs through everything we do, from finding the best schedule for shipments to selecting the best way of organizing. No matter how small or big your cargo, commercial shipments are handled with same individual care.

We manage your supply chain with integrated pool distribution, cross docking, warehousing and transportation solutions. Our services are little bundle with enormous impact. Distribution Center Management from Western Flight Logistics, lifts your warehousing and distribution strategy to the next level. Our warehouses incorporate a blend of worked to-suit, committed and multi-client stockrooms. We can mutually develop a strategy that meets your needs. Our group is developing world-class warehousing facilities at key industrial hubs across World.